I am a middle-aged fairly lazy community gardener who wants those who think they have a brown thumb to think again.  The cyclical nature of gardening means you can begin again next season, year after year, no matter how small or crappy you think your garden is. I’m hoping to learn as much from this adventure as you, dear reader. My partner and I have had our plots for about 7 years, and have lived in the inland valleys of Los Angeles our whole lives.

As an “old school” vegetarian I have not eaten meat, fowl, or fish in 30 years. Cream goes in coffee, soymilk in cereal. Call me a moderate veggie, an agnostic if you will.  My guy eats everything, we love to watch Anthony Bourdain’s shows and believe hunters are the most ethical of carnivores. My feeling is there is no type of eating that I cannot learn something from.

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